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Frontend File upload form plugin allow users to upload files, create directories using most secure Upload script. Customization give admin to control almost every inch of plugin design and functions.

File Upload and Download is simply the best WordPress Front End plugin allow users, clients or members to upload and manage files of any type like PDF, Images, Docs, Sheets, Videos etc. There are bunch of options in under plugin settings allow admin to control Upload form like:


  • Directory Tree
  • Secure Download Link
  • Button titles and fonts
  • Admin Email Notification on Each Upload
  • Attach File Meta
    • Seven types of in input fields
    • Text,Mask,Date,Checkbox,Radio, Select etc
  • Min and Max files/upload
  • Front end File Searching and Pagination
  • Two Front end Template to List Files
    • Directory Tree
    • Default
  • Disable Upload/Download Sections
  • Image thumbs support


1- User Specific: Admin can share files with specific users. Like a manager or teacher needs to share some files with his client or student, this Add-on will enable one to one File Sharing. These share files can be downloaded by users but they can’t share it with others or delete.

2-Amazon S3: with this addon all files will be uploaded on Amazon Bucket. It’s an ideal solution for sites/companies accepting large files and it won’t over load your local server. Files are arranged in Buckets in directories. More detail.



All files are saved as custom post types nm-userfiles and uploaded file is attached as post attachment. All directories are also custom posts but without any attachment.

Plugin screenshot


A demo site is setup for this plugin. You should use following login when required:

user: test_upload
pass: pass_upload


* change FROM EMAIL
* Notification when file uploaded by user
add_filter('fileupload_from_email', 'change_from_email');

* change Subject
* Notification when file uploaded by user
add_filter('fileupload_subject', 'change_subject', 10, 2);

* change Recipients
* Notification when file uploaded by user
** receivers - Array
add_filter('fileupload_receivers', 'change_receivers');

* change email message (body)
* Notification when file uploaded by user
* $file_data - Array with following keys
** title
** filename
** file_meta (key, value)
add_filter('fileupload_message', 'change_message', 10, 2);


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