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[wproto_call_to_action header_text=”Wordpress Contact Form with File Upload” text=”We know Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 exists. But this plugin renders fields with Awesome File upload control. A very handy solution to receive files/images from users with secure file upload script.” button_text=”Buy only for $20.00″ button_link=”||” button_icon=”fa-envelope-o fa” button_style=”style-alt-third” block_style=”big” content_align=”left” background_position=”left top” background_repeat=”repeat”]

WP Contact Form with File Upload is best solution when User need to submit designs, Images, Art etc without being member of site. File Uploader is the Key feature in our plugin and thus has many controls associated with it like:

  • HTML5 upload with progress bar
  • Large File upload with Chunk feature
  • Save Form as Custom Post in WP ‘nm-forms’
  • Image editing with Aviary Add on
  • Filetype/size control


  • Best File Upload Script
  • iPhone/iPad supported
  • Conditional Inputs
  • Attach unlimited input types from 16 types
    • Text,Radio,Checkbox,Select,Email,Date
  • Special input like:
    • Autocomplete, Countries, Color, Mask, Image
  • Field level validation message control
  • Large image upload with Chunk feature
  • Set unlimited receiver emails
  • Save Forms as Custom Post Type ‘nm-forms’

Input Types

  1. Text
  2. Textarea
  3. Checkbox
  4. ColorPicker
  5. Autocomplete
  6. Countries
  7. Email
  8. File Uploader (HMLT5 based)
  9. Number
  10. Pre-uploaded images
  11. Masked input
  12. Radio
  13. Select box
  14. Section break

Try Free Version

[wproto_button link=”|title:Download%20Free%20version%20for%20WP%20Contact%20Form%20with%20File%20Upload|target:%20_blank” title=”Free Version” icon=”fa-download fa” style=”style-alt”][wproto_button link=”|title:Website%20Contact%20Form%20and%20File%20Upload%20Demo|target:%20_blank” title=”Demo” icon=”fa-magic fa” style=”style-alt-second”]

Developer Information

When Form Saving option is enabled, every uploaded file and meta is saved as Custom Post Type named ‘nm-forms’. Uploaded file is set as attachment.


Looking Support

[wproto_button title=”Visit Support Forum” icon=”fa-umbrella fa” style=”style-border-alt” link=”|title:WP%20Contact%20Form%20With%20File%20Upload%20Support%20Forum|target:%20_blank”]

Photo editing with Aviary

Aviary is best online image processing application. We have connected this API with our plugin as Add on. Once file is uploaded user can edit image with Aviary by apply selected filters/features set by Admin. Aviary process the image and returned it in same upload instance.

[wproto_button link=”|title:More%20detail%20about%20Aviary%20Add%20on|” title=”More about Aviary” icon=”fa-expand fa”]
[wproto_button link=”|title:Contact%20Form%20with%20Aviary%20Photo%20Editing|target:%20_blank” title=”With Aviary Demo” icon=”fa-magic fa” style=”style-alt”]

Plugin screenshot

[huge_it_gallery id=”6″]

Video Tutorial


add_filter('webcontact_from_email', 'set_my_email', 10, 2);
add_filter('webcontact_from_name', 'set_my_name', 10, 2);
add_filter('webcontact_subject', 'set_subject', 10, 2);


[wproto_toggle title=”Change log” style=”accordion”]

1 June, 2015: Version 3.8 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Bug fixed: Aviary Editing Addon not saving image. Now it is
  2. Filters added to change From Email, From Name and Subject

3 January, 2015: Version 3.5 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Fixed: File attached issue in Custom Post Types (Saved Forms)
  2. Fixed: Admin Email Notification Issue Fixed.

30 September, 2014: Version 3.4 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Autocomplete field added
  2. Number field added
  3. Colorpicker field added
  4. Some js function revised to submit form
  5. Conditional rules bug fixed when only one select,radio or checkbox
  6. Better pre-upload images input with each image custom title

5 July, 2014: Version 3.3 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. FIXED: File upload issue fixed on Firefox and IE
  2. Feature: Auto upload starts when file selected by user.

1st December, 2013: Version 3.2 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. iPhone/iPade gaurenteed support.
  2. Mask input, pre defined image input
  3. FIXED: Duplicate forms saving fixed
  4. See all in detail

3 November, 2013: Version 3.1 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Conditional field [click for detail]
  2. FIXED: validation issue with radio type is fixed

5 October, 2013: Version 3.0 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Better Plugin options UI
  2. Fallback support for IE
  3. Set Min/Max Select and Checkbox range restrict
  4. Field detail
  5. Fully responsive
  6. Embedded style editor

6 July, 2013: Version 2.0 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Fluid/Liquid Layout
  2. Sections control
  3. Section slides using jQuery
  4. Button width control
  5. Multiple Files upload instances within a form
  6. Fully responsive
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