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It’s a very light plugin which turn shop product images into sliders for any theme. The idea is to show clients all images of any product on shop page. Like if your store is about Glasses, T-Shirts etc, clients can see different designs or colors on Shop page in smart slider with following option set by admin in plugin settings:

  • Show Arraws
  • Slider Speed
  • Slider Mode
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
    • Fade
  • Easing Effect
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Easing Effects

  • Linear
  • Swing
  • Ease In Out Quad
  • Ease In Out Cubic
  • Ease In Out Quart
  • Ease In Out Quint
  • Ease In Out Shine
  • Ease In Out Expo
  • Ease In Out Circle
  • Ease In Out Elastic
  • Ease In Out Back
  • Ease In Out Bounce

Looking Support

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Not looking this?

Screenshot shop page


Screenshot admin


Bundle Offers

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