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Najeeb at N-Media helped create a new shopping basket uploader based on his plugin. The integration with woo-commerce went very well and we are quite pleased with the product. The communication was excellent and we are looking forward to doing further business with N-Media as we develop more of our ecommerce solution.


I was looking for a WooCommerce solution where the customer could upload artwork directly to an order. I could not find anyone who offered this to a degree where it worked correctly. Then I found N-Media, who offer a selection of WooCommerce extensions that are invaluable and very practical. They had exactly what I needed for my clients website, not only that but there were two options for me; the ability for a customer to upload artwork on a product page and also at the checkout stage, by buying both of these extensions together a large discount was offered making it very affordable. As with all things there were some issues I encountered that I couldn’t figure out, Najeeb provided me with outstanding customer service and replied to my queries very fast, considering they are very busy, I thought this was invaluable. I will without doubt recommend N-Media and continue to use their extensions as and when my websites require them.


Very thankful for a great job done. The plugin made to my project is well built and will give the website a big boost. I am also grateful for a polished, professional attitude.


Najeeb was AWESOME! He held my hand through the whole process of setting up the plugin that I purchased from him. I was a total newbie and can’t tell you how I appreciate his patience and time helpng me through this process, that’s hard to find in the tech world but rest assured you will get it here, when he says trust me, trust him…He doesn’t seem to get much sleep and works around the clock which helps when you are stuck and on a time table. I would use his company again and can’t tell you how highly I would recommend him and his company. By they way, I purchases the WooCommerce Personalized PRODUCT Options/ WooCommerce Personalized CHECKOUT Options and they are perfect !


I’ve got to work for 2 wordpress plugin with Najeeb. The plugins have been customized as my requests, so perfect and fast. Reliability and skill guaranteed. It ‘really a pleasure to work with them,hich I do at every opportunity.

Very pleasant experience working with Najeeb/nmedia. I bought their personalized product media plugin and for some reason my theme was not fully accepting it. Towards a little and reasonable fee, Najeeb did some tweaks and made it compatible. Very effective communication and above all very fast. I highly recommend working with him/nmedia.


N-Media was the right decision from the start. It’s not easy to trust a foreign company that you can not see, but N-Media ”especially Najeeb” and his team have been clear and reassuring during hole process. we recommend N-media to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy company with professional communications and a five stars programming skills. We are so happy to have found N-Media! The work that they deliver is outstanding and they are expertly trained and it shows on our website functionalities, and most importantly they understand our needs and strategies and successfully deploy what is needed to build our business website.. Thanks Nmedia .. especially Najeeb and we hope that our relationship continues for the years to come!


Well man you are a pro not like the kamashira or something the one that made the theme, who took me 100$ and he did nothing but a problem that my host provider fix. I will ask for a refund but I am sure that he want reply to me as always. Thank you very much again you are great!


Najeeb has worked on a few projects with me now. While developing our custom WordPress plug-ins he has been great to work with. I will come back for the next project!


Najeeb does a great job. He is easy to work with, responds to requests in a timely fashion, and builds websites that work.



Najeeb was excellent. Extremely fast and perfect to work with…I couldn’t have asked for a better expereience…many thanks Najeeb!

Excellent communication and service. Highly recommended.


Najeeb was fantastic! I am not very web/technology savvy and he was very patient making changes for me and accomodating my needs. Also, the price was definitely right! I will be using him again for other work that I have to do. This is exactly what I need to start up my business.


Exactly what I needed. Works like a charm. The Pro features enable you to have separated Upload “Folders” for each client. Didn’t find any other Upload Solution for Wordpress enabling you to e this task. Thanks a lot Najeeb!

Najeeb has provided outstanding support and a willingness to provide additional enhancements to an already great product. WordPress has been in need of a solution for client file management for a long time and now it is here. Kudo’s to the NMedia team!


Najeeb was excellent. Extremely fast and perfect to work with…I couldn’t have asked for a better expereience…many thanks Najeeb!


Najeeb was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable and works fast and in an efficient manner. Very reliable and professional. Great communication! Will work with him again.


During the rebuild of my primary wordpress site, I hired Najeeb without hesitation. I was building the site on a Genesis framework, which was a new endeavor for me. The Genesis framework is designed to be secure, easy to update and optimized for SEO. The initial build is vitally important. I’ve worked with Najeeb in the past and with each experience, I enjoy his work ethic and his commitment to excellence. He gets the job done right, on time and under budget. You should absolutely hire him!


Najeeb helped us with Website Development in WordPress. He was on time, responded to our feedback fast and did a great job altogether.

Asked najeeb to change a few things such as only using one file type and to change the directory of the folder and he did this work swiftly for a donation – very happy with what he has done many thanks alex.


Najeeb did a brilliant job completing my upload plugin for WordPress as I required, thank you very much!


Najeeb, responded in the quickest amount of time possible and fixed an issue with conflicting code involving his free plugin and my premium template. I am very impressed by both his responsiveness andeffectiveness – oh, and his extreme helpfulness!!! Above and beyond. I wish all developers were this helpful!


I contacted Najeeb for help in implementing a plugin on my website. He responded instantly and fixed it instantly in the most friendly and efficient manner. I am very pleased and would highly recommend his professional support.


Najeeb was very responsive and prompt with resolving an issue for a widge that he had designed that incurred a bug on my customized theme. He provided professionalism, effective communication and urgency to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. I would definitely encourage others to consider Najeeb’s services. Thank You!


Najeeb has done a terrific job for my business. He’s prompt and conducts himself in a very professional manner. He’s always accessible, charges reasonable rates, performs exceptional work and he’s est. He’s been able to handle all of our requests with our multiple websites. I highly recommend him!


Najeeb Ahmad developed my site to all my specifications and followed all my directions to make proper changes and upgrades. Great to work with. Will definitely hire him again. Javier Luna Onelinkvideo


I have been working with Najeeb for some time now and he does excellent work and provides very good customer service. I would highly recommend him.


Very skilled in logic and php using advanced database and id structures. Ecommerce and mall created systems this guy knows his stuff. We use him currently for the last 3 years. Bottom line, always on time and quick solid updates.


great skill, fast work, would hire Najeeb anytime!


Najeeb is one of the best developers i worked with in the past month.. on 29 Aug 2011 I highly recommend working with Najeeb on 05 Sep 2011 Well.. Najeeb still the best developer i worked with.. i highly recommend him on 13 Sep 2011 I’ve been using PPH for over 3 months, more than 10 programming jobs and Najeeb has won most of them, more to come on 15 Sep 2011


I would highly recommend this person to anyone! Najeeb has surpassed every job i have given him, cannot praise enough and would definitely use again


Najeeb is a very skillful web developer. Excellent knowledge of different api’s. Together with his team they have been able to design and develop an excellent website for us to sell tyres online. He is always available to answer any questions and any problems are very quickly resolved. The website is feature rich and the admin side is easy to use. All in all i am very happy about the service provided by Najeeb and i intend to put any further developments for the website through Najeeb. Many Thanks Bernard.”


Najeeb has been great at communicating with me. He is still working on my site, so I can’t judge the quality of the work yet, but his responsiveness and communication is very good.


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