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Share files in Groups and create Download Sections in File upload and download manager version 8.3

Version 8.3 is ready

File Groups & Create Download Area

Now files can be shared among groups. Admin can create Download Areas using Group IDs and restrict access by Roles.

File upload and download manager is best plugin to allow users to upload and manage files using front end. The basic behavior of this plugin is to upload files and share with admin. But in some cases teachers, musicians, artists or managers need to create a common area where they can Group the files. Means all file uploaded should belong to certain groups and only files belong to these groups should display. No matter who uploaded these. Now in version 8.3 we have added this option that files can be shared belong to group(s). Admin can create Groups (as custom taxonomy attached to custom post type: nm-files). Then use IDs of these groups in shortcode like

[nm-wp-file-uploader group_id="25,35"]


Now all uploaded files will be attached to group id 25 and 35. And File list section only show those files belongs specified groups. Now site Admin can create many file sharing pages using different group IDs if required.


Download Area

Now in version 8.3 Admin can create a Download pages where users (logged in) can download files only. For example if Admin want to create download area where:

1- only files belongs Students Group (ID:23) should display

2- only users having role: subscriber can access this download page


Then use following shortcode:

[nm-wp-file-downloader group_id="23" role="subscriber"]

Download Area For Public

Now public download can be set using following shortcode. All files uploaded within Group can be downloaded by public users:

[nm-wp-file-downloader group_id="23" role="public"]


How upload files for download page?

When same page will be accessed by Admin it will also show Upload file option and Create directory option. But all others users will only see Files belong to specified group.


What if user doesn’t belong to specified Role?

If user roles are given in shortcode and user doesn’t belong to that role then a message will be show to user. This message can be customized in plugin option.

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