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Nmedia Sticky Header/Footer Plugin

This plugin lets you put sticky header or footer at your website. It can be used to display News Alert, New Features etc on top of your site or at the bottom.


  1. Type Custome Message
  2. HTML supported
  3. Custom Background Color
  4. Custom Border Color
  5. Font Color
  6. Font Size
  7. Switch b/w Header and Footer

[wproto_toggle title=”Changelog” style=”accordion”]1.0

It is first version, and working perfectly

fixed jquery issue
fixed design layout issue

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  1. Whats up, I desired to ask you one thing. Is this site a wordpress website? We are planning on transferring my site from Blogger to wordpress, do you think this is feasible? Also did you build the following theme by yourself some how? Regards for the help!

    1. yes it is wordpress site and you can use wordress for your site. it is simply BEST website solution for all kind of users. This theme is not developed by me but we do theme development.

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