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File uploader and sharing with Ultimate Security

N-Media File Uploader plugin for WordPress is getting popular every day, with tons of features. But I have received so many request for following features:

  • Secure download link
  • File sharing among users level
  • Send file link in email etc

The problem was that existing plugin is also demanded by users and I cannot make massive changes in this. So then I decided to launch new plugin called File Uploader and Sharing with Ultimate Security. Now it has been developed and under beta testing. It has following features with great User Interface:

  • File Sharing with User and Roles
  • Secure download link (control link expiration in minutes)
  • Create unlimited File Meta forms using Easy Wizard
  • Validation control in File Meta
  • Edit File meta once it is saved/uploaded
  • Send file download in email

Above screenshot describing the new cool look and sharing options. Now user can switch between his files or the file being shared with him.

See how you can change the file sharing settings and edit the file meta once it is uploaded/saved. Also you can send secure download link.

When it will be ready for purchase?

Well it will be available in coming week. If you want to get alert when we launch with discount coupon just subscribe to our following list.

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