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Best payment gateway to accept payment for your business

When I started my company to sell my digital products (N-Media plugins), I faced a challange to choose the right Payment Gateway which can allow my customers to pay with eas. And more I can control all my sales activities. I searched, and get connected with Market professionls who already doing these kind business. Finally I decided to go with (called 2co).
It is one of the superb payment gateway which allow business owner to sell their stuff online and get paid from customers via:

  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal

Yes, customers can pay with Paypal. allow sandbox registration, means you can create Test account where you can see how this payment gateway works without paying any upfront fee. It has many features once you get into this system but for quick overview I will just point out some of the key features.

Listing & Create Products

You can list your products (items) under Product Menu, see below image which is showing more options as sub-menu of Products Menu.
Below is Create Product screen which self explanatory:
Coupon code can also created under Product Menu and attach to any product you created:

How list your Product for Sale?

Of course you need to sell your created product on your website or somewhere online so you can copy each Product’s HTML code and PASTE anywhere on webpage, Product HTML page is like you see as below:

Sales list

Simple, you can see your sales under Sales Menu:
sales list

More Menus …

There are more Menu/Options like Shipping, Reports, Affiliates, Notifications which you can explore yourself ;).

What are FEEs? (ZERO Registration Charges)

This is real question for you to ask before apply for this gateway, Well when I signed up I had pay $45.00 registration (one time) fee. Now Application fee is reduced to $10.99. N-Media recently signed an agreement with as business refferal detailed below:


2Checkout is a worldwide leader in payments and e-commerce services. 2Checkout powers online sellers with a global platform of payment methods and a world-class fraud prevention service on secure and reliable PCI-compliant payment pages.
2Checkout’s payments platform bundles a gateway and merchant account into one single offering with no need to contract with a merchant bank or manage separate agreements.  You can accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, PayPal, Diner’s Club, JCB and Debit cards (in the U.S.) from one solution through 2Checkout’s fully secure hosted payment pages.  In addition, 2Checkout provides industry leading recurring billing services, call center support, full SSL certification, and the system is translatable in 15 languages and 26 international currencies for buyers and sellers in over 200 countries.
Sign up free today!  Use promo code NMEDIA2CO for a waiver of your application service fee (a savings of $10.99) and start selling online today! Visit , click SIGN UP NOW, complete the application, and then enter the code into the promo code field to take advantage of this special offer today!

How to apply

Other Fees:

Please note there per transaction Fee will apply, for detail you can see the price detail from here chart of This Coupon only Application Fee waiver.

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