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5 Reasons to have your Website built on WordPress

WordPress literally owns the market share in terms of websites powered by CMSs – a staggering 26% (13 million and counting) live websites of all niches and industry verticals and scales and languages are currently powered by WordPress. Setting up a site on WordPress is quite an easy process as compared to other alternatives available in the market. It allows different sectors of people to create and modify highly-interactive and dynamic sites in a matter of few minutes, without any coding knowledge. Quite frankly, dear reader, WordPress is the CMS to end all CMSs.

If you are considering a content management system/ web app framework to use for your first/ next website, then WordPress is the ideal option for you. It is a great fun to create a site on WordPress. If you don’t believe, then the following 5 reasons that will clarify you why one should use a WordPress for building their first/next website:

1. Budget Friendly

WordPress is GPL v2.0 licensed – which basically means the CMS software itself is free to be downloaded, used, customized, and rebranded (for personal use) to your heart’s content. This is one of the main reasons why websites of all scales and sizes love WordPress – it accommodates all budgets.

The only essential you have to pay off your pocket are purchases of domain name + web host plan for self hosted

But that’s not all. The sheer mind boggling variety of add-ons in the form of themes and plugins are largely free too – Some of the most powerful and envy-inducing plugins like All in One SEO pack, WordFence security, Jetpack, Akismet, W3C Total Cache (which is a complete performance optimization monster), and so many others are essentially free, licensed and distributed under GPL v2.0. Even the premium goods (themes and plugins) can be bought from high-end trusted marketplaces and sources for highly competitive and affordable prices.

WordPress stands for democratizing publishing on the internet; you stand to benefit from the cost effectiveness of it all.

2. User Friendly

User Friendly

You don’t have to spend years mastering your own website’s nooks and crannies on WordPress.

The platform and all the developers who contribute to its progress and steady, consistent updates, have made user-friendliness an integral concept that’s realized in the entire management interface of WordPress admin dashboard. Even the most stubborn Luddite will be able to create a website and get it hosted and live, customize its design and features (with free or premium readymade themes and plugins) and learn to manage content publishing, updates, backups, security, even entire site networks in a matter of minutes.

To amp up the easy website management, there are 3rd party plugins and integrations like iThemes Sync Pro and ManageWP dashboard which will take care of most everything for you while you focus on your content and/or generating revenue from your WordPress website.

3. Customization


I touched upon this in the point above.

WordPress has scores of customization opportunities for all – countless free and premium plugins and themes are available on a number of trusted sources on the internet, along with extensive documentation and generally active support (especially for consistently updated and largely for premium products). For even more dizzying possibilities there are hundreds of thousands of WordPress customization services provided by developers who charge nominal prices by the hour and create splendid end results (because of stiff competition).

4. SEO-friendly

SEO Frindly

WordPress gives you a core that’s underappreciated for its SEO friendliness. Even without plugins you can configure settings in terms of permalinks, add titles and tags, customize slugs (repeatedly), manage trackbacks and pingbacks, activate discussions, add ALT tags, link to your own posts easily, or simply leave it to semantic and hierarchical structure of the page and post templates inherent to WordPress.

On top of that we have unparalleled SEO super-suites like Yoast and All in One SEO pack with even more enhancements like breadcrumbs, XML sitemaps, optimize performance, metadata and custom templates to go with that, and so much more.

There are even more tools that totally dominate online marketing, integrated as well as available at hand for WordPress sites.

5. Versatile

Even before RESTful API became a thing, WordPress was and always will remain versatile to the last line of code.

The platform is used to create and manage successful websites of all scales for purposes of eCommerce, directories and listings, community forums and portals, event booking and registration, portfolios, e-learning portals, multimedia-rich portals, high traffic magazine/ news/ publications, and so much more.

Everything is possible on WordPress. And I mean everything.

There’s not much you can’t do with WordPress.

The Upshot

This is why WordPress rules the internet – not because it’s everyone else likes it, but because everyone else likes it for concrete reasons. The community is always ready to come forward and help. We are not fanatics. We have tried other things.

None have compared to WordPress.

tracey Jones

Tracey Jones is a professional WordPress developer with years of experience in research and web development technologies. She is presently working for a reliable WordPress development company called HireWPGeeks Ltd. She is always trying to spread her intangible knowledge with others to across the web online.

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